WPC: Intricate – My name is Lucca

My name is Lucca and I was born intricate.

It had been a cloudy, rainy day earlier when we strolled around Pisa. But now we were here and above something started to move. First there was the side view of the cathedral. Yes, lovely, but I’ve seen Orvieto already. Also, I wish to point out that I was born and raised in socialist Yugoslavia so I look at churches purely for the wow-effect of their architecture.

“Wait until you see it from the front,” you said. The left top side seemed especially unusual so I took a close-up. Are these stairs?

It was still clouded over as we were slowly walking to the front. And then the sun was starting to win. This view greeted us on the corner.

And then it slowly became apparent what you meant.

With the sun lightening it just right, every step was a revelation.

Another close-up.

And the final view in all its glory. Thank you, Lucca and the sun, we shall return.

Photo: MM

This concludes my Lucca triptych, which started with 4 windows and 4 doors and continued with the sun going down. There is still the tower with the 7 oaks (top photo) but I shall leave it for another time. Some places you just can’t leave behind.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”


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