Fortunetelling drabble

A drabble is a 100-word story. This line doesn’t count. I wrote one about the stylish vet, another about the best possible PJ companion. This one is older.

A visit to his daughter. We enter the trailer. She’s in there with a colleague. Gypsy-looking. They have upturned coffee cups, inspecting the grounds.

The gypsy looks straight into my eyes.

“Why doesn’t she do it, I can see she knows how.”

You must know that about me: I’m of earth and the sea, I can land an ear and offer a perspective, but I don’t do it this way.

The shock doesn’t show.

I take the cup and feel his eyes widen.

“There will be a three-way, and you will stick to the middle.”

Such fraud. Unless it’s Freud.

About photo: Bosnian-style coffee serving with a Drina in Das ist Valter, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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