4 windows and 4 doors: images of Lucca

Photo & captions: MM


    1. The confession ‘house’ is one huge, extremely impressive cathedral, this is a back door 🙂 I’ll post it in its entirety soon. And I love the contrast of the last one too. Whatever is happening there, I’m sure it doesn’t live up to the potential in our minds.

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    1. Thank you, Equinoxio, I’m glad you came to have a look. Oh yes, I vary my doors and switch between Slovenia and Italy (mostly Tuscany and Rome). This Thursday was Ljubljana’s turn. I pronounce this like a local. 😀 Easy: Lube-Lana. A funny anagram opportunity of the last part. Now you’ll never forget it, haha.

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      1. 🙂
        Question: Slovenia and Italy are not that distant. Is there some Italian influence in Slovenia? Like in architecture? An example: the Roman tiles go all the way to Lyon in France. North of Lyon the tiles are different.

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  1. I saw your question on the phone and didn’t reply immediately and almost forgot about it. We are neighbours and have a long, rather bloody history. Slovenia was occupied in part by the Italians. Much of Slovenian territory and many Slovenians remained in Italy after WW2 when the borders of new Yugoslavia were established, especially around Trieste. The western Slovenia, near Italy, is full of Italian influence. There are many words that infiltrated into Slovenian from the Italian language. The architecture in Slovenia is all over the place, as is cuisine. We steal from all our neighbours. 😀 But mostly it’s Austro-Hungarian. Ljubljana, the capital, is like little Prague or Vienna. You really should visit one day.


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