Open House 19

And so new tenants are ready to move in. I’m happy about it.

This house has served as my home for some twenty years. Many things have happened. Upon entering, many people have said: “Oh, it feels like by the sea!” Even though this is Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the sea is 100+ km away. When I went to the USA, I found a big plastic board that said “Open House” and bought it without thinking. I boarded the plane with it under my arm, it was too big to pack. When I came back home, I put the sign by the kitchen window.

The idea of the open house came from Koper, Capodistria, I think I brought the sea with me. There was a little house there, under the vines, where a postman lived and a band practised.  Lou Reed and the Kinks were the soundtrack and everybody was welcome.

I had my open house open for many years, the neighbour could tell you exactly for how long, I’m sure she was counting. (Sorry, neighbour.) She was so happy when things changed and the only disturbances were dog shit and the pond excavations.

But this passed too and now a boy called Nemanja (not-Manja) is moving in with his family to take care of the pond, he is an enthusiast. And his mother is a translator. Everything figures out in the end.

I wish them a very nice stay. It is a good house.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Photo: MM


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