Sava beach boy

Today celebrates a man who had no say in the matter and just had to be my friend since his birth.

If we have a look, we can see that you are quite heavily represented in my blog, not only in the last two posts. You were the one who sang to me in addio before I moved to Italy, you were the one who had to tolerate my excitement at 30-point basketball wins and who was our body-guard during that infamous bus trip to Milano, you are the one who knows your poison, you were one of the best birthday performers I have ever seen, for my sis’ 30, and you are my support-your-local-punk-star.

Below please find a few moments in time. And I wish that you keep collecting them for a long time to come.

Photo: MM & a Duba friend

Let me finish with a performer who will always remind me of you because one time my sister was playing him as I was coming up the stairs, and hearing him I asked her if Vasja is visiting. And also because you’re a Jackson. Cin cin!

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


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