Ram attack

Every year at this time the sheepmen, ok, rams, have their days.

Photo: MM

The Aries cycle started with our first dog and continued yesterday with K., brother of a friend. G., the brother from another mother in the photo on the left, celebrates today, and the one on the right, V., tomorrow. The ram days as we know it will conclude on Saturday with R., our reigning Tournament street champion.

I’m not big on the horror-scope but as I like to say, some things figure. What connects these specimens is a certain kind of gentleness, and optimism, and quick wit, and love to love.

Let’s see what G. has taught me over the years. And these are just a few examples:

1. Time is relative. The fact that his surname could be roughly translated as Speedy, is one particularly hilarious fact. (Unless he’s driving.) Whenever we think we know when he should be arriving, he proves us wrong every time and comes just when he knows is right.

2. There will ALWAYS be a parking space where you are headed.

Why worry in advance whether you will be able to park your car? Just drive over there and you’ll see, a car will just drive off, letting you have the space, as if it was waiting especially for you.

3. There is a band called Osibisa.

They are from Africa. And then, at least twice, they came to play in Austria and we went to listen to them. Both times without you for some reason, regretfully.

4. The island of Cres is very beautiful. There are hidden and not so hidden spots worth seeing. And there is a beach to where a terrible road leads and those two impossible turns CAN be managed with a car. Even if the car is one big mean Peugeot. (This is old info, most likely everything has crumbled into the sea by now, or a hotel has been built.)

5. Peugeot is the car. Peugeot is more than just a car. If I get one, it will take me to Greece and I will spend the best month of my life there (before making my move over here). Peugeot will be my home and transport and the only roof above my head for the entire month. And you will be missed there again, G.

This is from Lefkada, Greece, and it is not mine, merely found by the side of the road, but seeing one of these old brothers will always make me smile like that. (Photo: MP)

Here is what I wrote about my month on the Crete.

And here is what I wrote on this day last year about you and me and yellow headlights. Please have a look if you haven’t yet.

Happy birthday and keep it coming, at your own sweet pace.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


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