And then I was 16 again

And then I was 16 again, and Yugoslavia was still whole, and foreign tourists were very much appreciated, and she expected to do a report on a bleak, Soviet neighbour, and now most obviously cannot wipe that wide smile off her face because instead was so pleasantly surprised by happiness, colours, the people, the history – which in a few years will get even bloodier, and in less than 15 years they will return, flying over Slovenia za Beograd, and then NATO will say, after losing a stealth or two: “We do deserts, we don’t do mountains.”

But in 1986 it was the eighties, everything was still possible and there were no problems. Who knows, maybe those pigeons in Dubrovnik still fly in to be fed an hour earlier every summer when the clock is advanced for daylight saving time. But for sure the time when any TV would choose to introduce a report from Dubrovnik with a Slovenian folk song has come and gone.

Bilo, pa nije. Sve što traje, počinje da prestaje.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

(Thank you, Marjan, for the link.)

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