Waterfall by Boris A. Novak

Once upon a time I met Boris A. Novak (Anorak for friends, which we aren’t).

v 113a (2)

We had a little chat and I told him which my favourite poem of his (and one of the best worldwide) will always be. This one:

Vodomet: Boris A. Novak

noga igra nogomet

roka igra rokomet


lulek igra vodomet


noga riše sled

roka boža cvet


lulek zaliva svet

Then I added that I’m a translator and my wish is to translate this poem into English. He gave a little chuckle with the undertone “Impossible”. I like impossible things. Here it is.

Waterfall, by Boris A. Novak

(translated by Manja Maksimovič)

foot plays football

hand plays handball


willie plays waterfall


foot forges a footprint

hand handles a herb


willie waters the world

I ask his friends if they can kindly notify him of this milestone. Thank you!


  1. I’m so glad I looked a the Slovenian words before I read the translation. I could see its beauty before I understood a word.

    I also checked what Google translate would make of this, either in English or in Dutch. Needless to say your translation is a lot more beautiful and relevant!

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