On friendship

The Cat and the Dog
by Trilussa
(Translated from romanesco – old Roman dialect – by John Du Val)

The cat said to the dog,

“Look at it this way:

you’ll never see me pay

any respect to the man.

In fact, if I’m in the mood,

I scratch him on the hand.

But you, you fetch his slippers,

lick his boots and slobber.

What does it get you? A kick!

He chains you to a stick

and chokes you with a collar,

or keeps you in a kennel,

then crimps your ears and tags you,

bobs your tail and clips you,

because it’s the latest fad,

and, brother, you’ve been had!

Look at me. I’m a cat!

l’ve stolen again and again,

but the man’s never tried

to keep me muzzled or penned.”

The dog replied,

“But I’m his friend.”

5-1-15 065 (851 x 1024)

Friends on Trubarjeva street in Ljubljana (by MM)


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