We are few…

… therefore we need to be strategically deployed, said Tomaž Šalamun about Slovenians once. My friend who celebrates today was the first to occupy her strategic position. Now that I have followed her out (somewhere else, of course, we need to keep the strategy going), we can meet in the old country, reminisce and plot.
9-8-14 068 (1280 x 960)

In Maribor, by the restaurant At Three Ponds. Photo: MC

She has taken strategical placement to a whole new level, and spent one portion of her life on every continent discovered (well, not sure about the Arctic), including several months on her own in China upon learning the language. Therefore I have high hopes for her and her charming companion to find their way to Tuscany.

9-8-14 071 (957 x 1280)

You know those gifts that are just a bull’s eye? Happy birthday, Darjaski! Photo: MM

A little anecdote, it’s my favourite: one day she left a basket full of goodies for me with my grandfather, since I was not home when she came over. (Possibly they were sour cherry products, as this has always been her trademark flavour since she had learned I love it.) Upon my return my granddad gave me the basket, telling me that it’s from “that friend, you know, the name escapes me, but her hair is the colour of goulash”. It needs to be added that goulash was his preferred dish. Hers not so much, since she is a vegetarian. 😀  But after this bit of information it could be only one.

9-8-14 075 (1280 x 960)

I’d say the first meeting was a success and there is no reason why the next one shouldn’t be in Toscana. Photo: MM

Happy birthday, dear friend, and you were right all along: the sky is the limit. Always welcome!

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

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  1. Draga Darja, za trenutek pozabi na jezik trenutnega okolja in dovoli, da se pridružita čestitkam tudi Manjina starša, še posebej Metka in Branko: 生日快乐!


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