A life of a child

Photo: BM


  1. What a beautiful child! I love the “Calm.” Is that your mother with you? She’s beautiful! I can see where you get your beauty from. Thank you so much for sharing this peek into your world, Manja! It was a real treat! ❤


      1. Hubby was entirely blond in his early pictures too. Now his hair is so dark people sometimes think he’s Italian or Spanish. Funny how it changes! Blond hair makes children look even more innocent somehow. You look like an angel, you know one of those paper cut-out dolls that kids used to play with in the 60’s? (Even I had some, though I was born later than that!)

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      1. And it made you the beautiful loving person you are, I am feel sure. You are blessed to grow up in such a loving, nurturing environment. Although I guess when the old ones pass, it would be a completely different family situation. Nice to have those special photos.

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