The same as our politics

This is Žmoht. You’ll know what it means when you feel it. Stick around till the end to see if the singer loses his shirt, if the guitarist smashes his instrument, if the percussionists share the same name, if the bassist bursts out singing and if the drummer is the cutest. Since that they rock their socks off is clear pretty early on.

In Politika they say they are the same as Slovenian politics: watching a lot but not seeing a thing. Maybe never truer. Wishing them all the luck and that the next time maybe they play their hit song too. My mom and uncle stuck around almost till the end to hear Sončni zahod.

0:17 Otvarač / Opener
3:00 Manki / Monkey
4:22 Moja pamet / My Mind
7:19 Skretovje / Toiletcomb
10:00 Krokodile / Crocodile
12:43 Vse dokler / Up until
14:30 Kitajci / Chinamen
18:20 Tuja vrsta / Alien Species
20:20 Bol naglas / Louder
23:03 Sive glave / Grey Heads
26:36 Dete / Child
28:51 Politika / Politics
31:16 Ego


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