Let’s hope this author consents

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Today is my father’s birthday. Above we can see some of his activities (Photo: MM and friends), including scaring children as the husband of a tiger mosquito, having a nap with a dog on his head, reporting from Roma (not!), mushrooming, walking his girls and the dog, eating ice-cream, and, most recently, tending his garden. Maybe it is not so widely known that he also wrote poetry (writes?).

Below is one of his published poems in Slovenian which we translated into English and Italian. Hopefully this author allows publication.



There is at least one love everywhere / In ogni luogo c’é almeno un amore
by Branko Maksimovič (translation: Manja Maksimovič & MC)

Each classroom

Ogni classe

Has at least four walls

ha almeno quattro mura 

(Usually a few windows as well)

(e di solito anche alcune finestre)

And at least one love

ed almeno un amore

Not surprising

non sorprende

Since there are people in the classrooms

perchè in queste classi ci sono persone

Who go to the cinema

che vanno al cinema

Who sigh over novels

che sospirano leggendo romanzi

Who look at life in colour

che guardano la vita a colori

Who desire

che desiderano


In our classroom as well

Anche nella nostra classe

There are four walls

ci sono quattro mura

And also three windows

ed anche tre finestre

Through one of the windows

da una finestra

We are looking (my love and I)

noi guardiamo (io e il mio amore)

At the trees that blossom consensually

gli alberi che fioriscono insieme come in un accordo 

And shed leaves that way too

così come si spogliano anche

We are glad

noi siamo felici

That we are not trees

di non essere alberi

For in that case

perchè se così fosse 

We could not be as close

non potremmo stare così vicini

Tanti auguri, dad, and enjoy not being 70 yet!


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