Four years ago I went to London for several good reasons, such as D. and PJ, but also to watch the ever important South Africa 2010 world championships match Slovenia : England on their turf.

The day before the match, the steward on my (British) flight said “Let the best team win” in the cockiest way possible and I imagined him looking straight at me in my Union fan hat.

2010 london 001

As I got there, newspapers wrote about knowing their enemy and published the national anthem to sing along.

2010 london 018  2010 london 409

We were watching the game in a “Slovenian” pub that serves (the wrong) Slovenian beer, and there were ambassadors, journalists, cameras, photographers.

As it was, and this is from memory, we were doing just fine and then Rooney did something that appeared as if he’d been fouled, the referee gifted England a penalty kick and they won 1:0. To make matters worse, in the other game in our group USA scored against Algeria in the last possible moment, which meant that USA was in the next round and Slovenia was out.

2010 london 042

The beer was gone and Slovenia was out.

2010 london 408

Anxious Slovenian fans

2010 london 415

Mick McCarthy has good taste in goalkeepers.

And so just earlier I check the Mundial 2014 schedule for today, and here it is, Italy : England, at midnight, and I tell my amore, ha! He’s your problem now!

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


If eyes could speak, selfie with Rooney, London, 2010.



  1. just a little impression of last night: NOBODY on the streets, no sound at all from anywhere, everybody in their homes watching and today wearing national team jerseys… you should see the two men I was watching the game with, the older and the younger practically identical: quiet through it all, when Italy scores nothing happens, when England scores almost nothing happens, amore says: “It’s a long game”, when Italy scores again, a couple of slight smiles while I stare in disbelief… and when I ask who else is in their group, they have no idea


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