Time’s Arrow

When I asked you all to gift me your favourite book for my birthday, I gifted one myself too (well, more than one, but this one was the first).

It is a terrible book, subject matter-wise, and I can’t recommend it to everybody, but it has the best story idea and this idea is also extremely well, and painfully, executed. The book is Time’s Arrow and the author is Martin Amis. (It also exists in Slovenian translation as Časovna puščica.)

I should say *spoilers ahead* but I won’t. Also, I will not look back and quote from the book verbatim, instead I’ll write by my fallible memory, after reading it first in Slovenian a looong time ago, and now for the first time in English.

Actually, strike that, I will not write anything at all. Suffice to say – this book is Worth it. The title of my favourite book is already taken by Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson. Whereas this is the BEST book I’ve ever read. It is also stomach-turning. It involves the holocaust. So beware.

What it also does is make one think about time, and how relative it is. What happens with time. How time is irreversible. And how damn good we always look when we’re young no matter what we may think at the time. It doesn’t get better.

(To end up on a lighter note and to give you a taste: he has to collect the gooey stuff that comes off his hair during the shower in a plastic bottle and take it to the shop, together with other stuff, where he is reimbursed right at the start for placing them back onto the shelves.)

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


Time machine: in 1991 in Paris. My first trip abroad alone with friends (heeeey girl). Three girls in Renault 5 with the roof window and a plateau of coca cola light, no knife. no torch, high heels yes. Our French was so poor that we said we were 3 garçons on the phone when booking our hostel. Stories are waiting to be told (NOT from the hostel 🙂 ). Photo: D


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