Ten things I love about my mom

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Today is my mom’s birthday. Above is the gallery of her images taken here and there in the last year (Photo: MM & BM), and below are ten reasons why I love her and ten songs that she likes so that she won’t need to surf for them again. Happy birthday, mom, and I wish everybody would be so lucky as me.

What I love about my mom:

10. That I was lucky to be born near her.

9. That she is not related to my father.

8. That she is 100% un-ear deaf and sings better than Rita Pavone.

7. That she annually hops from one saltworks to the other and goes on a walk almost around Ljubljana in celebration of its liberation (Why? adds Marco).

6. That she is a member of Slovene Partisan Veteran Association and The Association for the Recognition of Sauté Potatoes with Onions as a Main Dish.

5. That she and my father passed to me the gift of love for books and reading and read me all the right books when I was little.

4. That she loves my dog almost as much as me even though she was once mortally afraid of dogs.

3. That she has remained a little girl but with high moral standards.

2. That she has found such peace in the garden, and in dad.

1. That now that I’m away all I can remember about her are the good things.

Happy 40, mom!

24-6-14 046

Photo: BM


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