For A.

A Glass of Wine (En glaž vina) by Iztok Mlakar

(Translated by Manja Maksimovič)

Give me a glass of wine before it turns into vinegar

and smile a little to me, my dear waitress, I’m single and free tonight.

Yes, I’ve been left alone again once this story is over

it’s not nice, I admit, but one needs to think about oneself

and I won’t give up as easily as that.

Oh, come on, you can do better than that

the world won’t collapse and if it’s nothing worse

it won’t make you drop dead.

Oh, come on now and god be by your side

I loved you too much to tell you: please stay

how I wish I at least knew how to cry.

It has gotten dark and the stars look lovely tonight

oh god, there are so many of them

if one of them is turned off

that piece of sky dies with it

a little bit of light is all that you left behind

tonight I wish to drink, tonight I need wine

to lighten up my dark night.



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