We have books!

Tinkara Kovač reached the finals of the European Song Contest which will be held tomorrow.

In the semi-finals, there was a short video of a performer building the flag of their country from materials such as umbrellas, shells, glasses, food etc. before each song. And when it was Slovenia’s turn, Tinkara was seen playing with books.

A still from the presentation of Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

She ordered them by colour! Just like me!

11-2-14 009 (1280 x 957)

 Result of me playing with books. Photo: MM

11-2-14 011 (1280 x 647)

Not very often am I joyous to be Slovenian, but compared to what some of the competition came up with, especially the Polish all-Slav sex tourism, I felt really really lucky to be Slovenian instead. See, we have books and fairy-tales – Italian commentator was repeatedly saying “I don’t know, I don’t know whether she is a Snow White or a witch” – and if this is all that Slovenia promotes this year, I’ll be happy.


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