Never one to draw attention


I have this lyrics in my scrapbook since I was twenty. The first Italian song to which I’ve really paid attention. In the clip the subtitles are in Spanish.

I found this English translation online:

Albachiara/Bright dawn

You softly breathe avoiding making a noise, you fall asleep in the evening and awaken with the sun.
You are bright like dawn, you are fresh like air.
You turn red when someone looks at you and you are fantastic when you are lost in thought about your problems.
You lazily get dressed, you never put on something to attract attention or to get winked at.
With your clean face, you walk on the street eating an apple while carrying your school books. You like to study, you don’t have to be ashamed about that.
When you look with your big eyes, perhaps they are too honest because, through them, your thoughts and dreams can be seen.
Sometimes you have strange thoughts… you lightly touch yourself with your hand, you alone in the room and the whole world outside.


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