And then an aunt takes up painting

You are not really my aunt and yet the closest I’ll ever get to one.

You are past the ordinary learning years and yet you enrolled in a painting class.

My mom, your cousin, told me: “You have to see her paintings. I don’t just say it but they are really good.”

I somehow expected the classics, vases, fruit, by a slightly unsteady hand of a beginner. When I got there and had a look at your works hanging around, I saw vistas. You draw google maps. You paint after photographs. And the lines are saying: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

This is my photograph of our 12-km beach.


And this is what you painted after it and gifted it to me, just right for our blue-themed bedroom.

5-5-14 002 (1280 x 959)

And after I was ohhhing and ahhhhing over a particularly striking green one, I received it as a gift too, a proper, quite large painting of Slovenian landscape near Zakojca on canvass. It was New Year’s but still – possibly the most extraordinary gift I’ve ever received.


Look how lovely it fits the green section of our home:


Thank you very much doesn’t quite cover it. Good that you’re coming kaj.

Photo: MM & BM, art by DS

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