I love to watch my Taurus’s celebrating birthdays.

Today is a shout-out to my first online friend who I also met in real life and we continued from there. It’s strange sometimes how similar things happen at the same time to similar people. I will never forget that time so long ago: there was a lot of fresh snow and ice covering the roads, we were supposed to meet for the first time at our first tarok card-playing online community meeting which was held far from my home and even further from yours, people were cancelling, but you said: OK, we’ll be there! And so you were.

And that’s how I came to know you, fearless, determined, another woman of action.

And we conquered the Chair together (the mountain Stol, that is):


And then you conquered some more mountains, local, international and personal. And you came to my 40th birthday celebration, here with another Taurus card-playing friend who will celebrate shortly and I’m sending her many hugs as well:


Three Taurus card players, I’d be very afraid. Photo: MM (top) & a friend

I hope to see you over here too one day, even though there are not many mountains to speak of, just some volcanoes, enough far.

Happy birthday, Alenka, who has since lost the TP part, now I should call you AlenkaVE because you know.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈



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