Prvega nikoli ne pozabiš. / You never forget the first.

—Maja / —May


R+F in Capalbio. Photo: MM

We’re not talking uncles here (I have two and they came into my life at the same time – or better I came into theirs). We’re talking concerts.

And when I was 13, you took me to my first. It was Uriah Heep in Ljubljana Tivoli Hall. It was exactly on my birthday. And two years later, almost on my birthday, you took me to my second big one, Dire Straits, again in Tivoli. This time we were in the standing area and it made all the difference.

In between and later came Bajaga and Plavi orkestar, Spandau Ballet, Zabranjeno pušenje, and when I was 17, again almost on my birthday, Duran Duran in Munich, my biggest concert wish since I discovered this feeling. (And only now I see that they released an – unofficial – live album from this concert.)

I saw, or rather heard, Duran Duran again two years ago when they came to Ljubljana. It was pre-glasses, and I was devastated: my eye-sight was too poor to see on stage, so all I was left to do was listen to their polished playback break down after a few notes into Save a prayer so they had to reboot. And check out John later, at home, online, when uploads started to come in. (Nah, I’m mean, it was not only bad.)

Sometimes you took me to the cinema too. I remember how, after seeing Pink Floyd’s The Wall at quite an early age, you turned to me and asked: “But did you understand anything of it at all?” (A few years later, my Poljane secondary school sent all its students to watch just this film in the cinema on the day of culture or some such, which I found incredibly cool of them.)

I can see that it was you who have instilled the love of concerts in me. And you have shown me that sometimes wishes do come true. If you’re lucky in geography, and uncles.

Happy birthday, tiček Lako, and come back so that we can go somewhere SKP (together) again.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Since all the concerts where we were together are pre-internet, here is a song by Mark Knopfler from his Belgrade concert last year. Some people and things just never get old.


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