You smooth me into woman

Patetico: Every time I’m with you

every time i’m with you
i’m like a small child
i close myself inside your arms
like the earth
that gets moulded into clay
you smooth me into woman
you kiss me into life
you place me into a glass case
and time is driving by

you said: stay
stay here by my side
because your sadness
is fed with my happiness
but i threw myself into you
like into an abyss
hoping that down there
someone loves me

what else can i do
woven out of threads
which the destiny
has spun around
your being
i count on the sun
which always shines anyway
so when you turn around
it uncovers you once again

(Translated by Manja Maksimovič on the spot)

2013 novo leto 031 (1280 x 960)

See, M, this is what Ljubljana is like. Photo: MM


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