Poet Janez Janša

(Yes, this is a poem by the original Janez Janša. I have Moralna mačka on here, so I had to put him up too, for balance… This one was written in June 1988 in JNA military prison and published in Mladina a year later… yep, from my scrapbook… stuff you find there – it’s deadly. First, translation by Manja Maksimovič on the spot, then the original.)


By Janez Janša

When my soul is food for moths

open the closet door

and send them flying

When my thoughts come looking for

a way to return

from the afterlife

embrace them

When they reconcile the injustices

that are left behind me

smile at them

When they aspire to draw the shadow

bigger than the tree

point to the sun

When everything is gone

and nothing remains


that we aspired to live as well.


Tivoli, Ljubljana. Photo: MM


Janez Janša

Ko bodo dušo žrli molji

odpri vrata omare

in jih poženi v beg.

Ko bodo moje misli iskale

pot nazaj

iz onstranstva

jih sprejmi.

Ko bodo poravnavali krivice

ki ostajajo za mano

se jim nasmehni.

Ko bodo hoteli narisati

senco večjo od drevesa

pokaži sonce.

Ko bodo odšlo vse

in bo ostal nič


da smo tudi mi hoteli živeti.

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