Happy birthday, dear E.

This is your Fonzie writing to you.

Probably you didn’t think that I would ever write to you, but for your birthday it’s the right thing to do. I also had a birthday a little while ago and it was only my first. This, they say, is 7 human years. I have heard that you had a speech about me in school, your first. If I was going to school, I would have a speech about you, too. This is what I would say:

One time I had a visitor from Slovenia. She was a little girl and her name started with en E.


(She doesn’t like Nutella, but that’s OK, because my owner ate it after.)

She likes to wear pink so that she can hide among the flowers. I loved taking her on a walk, but when she saw a cat, she got scared a little.


She loves to take photos and I’m sure she will be a great photographer when she grows up. I mean to say: she IS already. Good, not grown up. This is her most artistic photo:


Photo: E.

Usually she was very good. If I was sitting down, she stood next to me very still. If not, I had to jump on her to calm her down.


When she went back home, I was sad.


But then we saw each other again at her home and we went over the bridge! I hope that we see each other soon and that she will draw me on her blackboard again.

Kiss for your happy birthday, E.!


Photo: MM & MC (2nd)

Your Fonzie (+M+M)

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


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