The proof

Since some doubt has been expressed as to how it is possible that I was still smoking when the 4b house was acquired, I offer some photo proof.

This photo was taken on October 10th 2008, and remember, I stopped smoking on November 1st 2007:

ImageTo the question how it is relevant, I say that this is a memory of the best translation session I’ve ever had. It was held above Piran, Slovenia, outdoors, under the reddening faux vines (as in, not bearing edible grapes), and it consisted of writing by hand (!) (well, some had laptops too, and we had printers), heavy dictionaries on the table (!!) and zero internet (!!!!!!). Instead there were poets and translators, from Serbia, Finland, USA, Italy, France, Slovenia…

I remember coming upon the melody title Tišina in the poem by the Serbian which I was translating into English, but I didn’t know which song this was or by whom, and how it was to be translated, I only knew how it sounded. In the way that no internet could help me, I was going from one person to the next, singing the melody to them, hoping that someone would recognize it. Until the American girl said: “Oh, yes, this is Taps!”

And in the evening, when we went to town, I wanted to show my poet friend where our house was being built, in the phase where only walls stood, zero doors or windows. We were a bit disoriented and only found it by luck. How exactly, I promised never to tell. (hihihi)

So, I don’t know how long it took to demolish the old house and build new walls, but I’d guess my smoking photo by the 4b door was taken immediately after selecting the property.

Here are a couple of photos taken on December 27th 2008, when the windows and the doors were already in.

Image Image

And this is the garden with the owners (Edam and Ava :D) before I moved to Italy:


Photo: MM

PS: Since I’m a bit technically slow sometimes, I only thought to look at the properties of the smoking photo after I wrote all this, and lo, the name of the photo file is April 1. Upon further clicking it has turned out that the photo was taken on April 1, 2007. And now believe that if you can.

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