By Kajetan Kovič

Maybe everything is completely different.

Maybe everything is attached inside our souls

and we walk our paths on the inside

nowhere but on the inside

through the meadows where

no grass has ever grown.

We leave catlike footprints and make most

minuscule steps

through the fairy-tale land

by the red and white streams.

This is highly possible

for where else could we

in our small eyes find space big enough

to stage our dreams.

(Translated by Manja Maksimovič on the spot)


How did that happen? Photo: MM

And the original, from my scrapbook, can’t find it online:

 Mogoče je vse čisto drugače.

Mogoče je vse pripeto v naši duši

in hodimo vse poti znotraj

samo znotraj

po travnikih, kjer ni nikoli rasla

nobena trava.

Mačje stopinje delamo in čisto

majhne korake

skozi deželo pravljic

ob rdečih in belih potokih.

To je čisto mogoče

ker kje bi sicer v naših majhnih

očeh mogli najti toliko prostora,

da bi lahko sanjali.


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