We are three now

(written in June 2013 when we got the bestia)

This is what you said: “We are three now.”

This is as three as we’ll ever get.

I admit that I always loved to watch the Dog Whisperer. He made me calm. He made me believe all is right in this world, until the humans start to meddle, and then dogs need to be restored back to the origin of species. They are so happy to learn that it’s all right, they don’t need to be the pack leaders and bark off all those looming dangers to keep their terrified, incapable people safe.

For our dog everything is new: the ant, the curtain, the squeaking toy chicken and the taste of real chicken, the noise of the passing car and the force with which he’s allowed to bite me. In the way that I was quite unprepared for he reminds me why I have never had children. The responsibility, it’s almost too much to bear.

Whatever I will teach him now, that way he will be when he grows up. Not just me alone, together with you. And yesterday I was a bit upset because he didn’t enjoy his walk as I’d expect him to (of course, I only had one dog before and he was only too happy to go for a walk). He kept sitting down in clear protest at the sound of every car passing on the near-by road, searching for cover in high grass or between my feet. And when Luigi started his donkey voice show, he ran back home like a battery-operated dog, with the leash dragging after him and all.


I told you about it, mentioning the Dog Whisperer. You laughed and said that you ain’t no dog whisperer, more like a dog shouter. And then we went on a trial walk… He did the same things again, sitting down, refusing to go on. You yanked his leash only one time, not too hard, and he soon realised that he has no other option but to follow. In no time he was walking between us happily… You said: “See, he’s happy now, he has his branco” (Italian for pack).

I looked at you, and at him, and could cry from joy. In that moment I realised what it was that was missing in my life and what you give out so naturally: direction, certainty and belonging.


The next moment it shined on me, with considerable amazement, that I’m no different that this little grizzly/monkey/fox/piranha here who is testing us for limits every moment, trying out this and that, looking for directions to last his lifetime.

No wonder I made such a wise choice. You leave me no option other than to be happy.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


Photo: MM & MK (last)


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