West, wait!


Words (1989, Duba) and music, I mean photo (2014, Capalbio): MM


Come plunge with me into the plankton at night

when the salt is growing visible and the waves mysteriously quiet.

There is a certain power to the sea of which it is not aware

and continues to swim underwater.

Sometimes it comes up for air, to greet the seagulls and kiss the fish.

Come, listen to the coolness and quiet beneath the sea.

Look at this crack in the rock and that algae how multicoloured it is.

Be the sea with me and proximity will land you its hue

and the shore will talk to you as if it were really able to hear.

Life will be rejoicing

the sun will peek out and you will see that there is something else going on here

something that I will never run out of:

faith in summer!

(translated by Manja Maksimovič)


Original version, for the curious (I wrote this and some other poems in bed with T. and N. in total darkness… they were sleeping while I was writing in my notebook with only touch for orientation. The next day it was very hard to decipher it since on many occasions I wrote lines one on top of the other.)

Zahod, postoj!

Daj, zagnaj se z mano v plankton ponoči,
ko sol postaja vidna in valovi skrivnostno tiho.
Morje dobi moč, ki se je ne zaveda,
in plava še naprej pod vodo.
Včasih zajame sabo, pozdravi galebe in poljubi ribe.
Daj, poslušaj hlad in mir pod morjem.
Poglej to razpoko v skali in tistole algo, kako je večbarvna.
Bodi morje z mano in bližina ti bo dajala svojo barvo
in obala bo govorila s tabo, kot če bi res lahko slišala.
Življenje bo vzklikalo,
sonce se ti bo prikazalo in videl boš,
da je tu nekaj več, nekaj, česar mi ne bo nikoli zmanjkalo.
Vera v poletje!

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


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