The body doesn’t lie

There once was a 30-year-old chick who got together with a man.

Here she is, in the year 2000:



This lasted 12 years. In the process she got to look like this:



Maybe the answer came with the 42nd birthday – thanks, sis. (To prove that it was not just that one bad photo.)



The chick did what she had to do, no matter how hard.

And last April started a new life:



And in August really blossomed:



And this is now:



The chick hears what people back in homeland are saying… A friend of the family is willing to take bets that the chick will return home in no time at all. The chick is gladly accepting the bet, suggesting a carton of whiskey for every week she stays.

Fuck the malcontents and ill-wishers.

The body doesn’t lie.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈



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