Branko ko Branco

Branko ko Branco (written and translated by Manja Maksimovič)
Branko as Branco /pack in Italian/

(Krdelo ima čisto drugačen zven)

(“Pack” has a completely different ring to it)


In Roma. Photo: MM

Vse življenje

All my life

si bil naš Branco,

you’ve been our Branco

nas vodil po poteh,

you’ve been leading us along the paths

gorah in gozdovih

over mountains and through forests

vedno varno in srečno,

always safely and happily

veselo smo hodili.

we’ve been walking in joy.

Edino ti veš, kaj pomeni

Only you know what it means

krotiti tri deklice,

to tame three little girls

eno večjo smrkljo od druge,

one more bratty than the next

upam, da nismo zvenele nehvaležno.

I hope we never sounded ungrateful.

Vedno si od kod prišel,

You were always returning from somewhere

in smo te čakale,

and we were waiting for you

kot dedka Mraza,

like Grandfather Cold /our Santa Claus/

kot vodjo krdela,

like the leader of the pack

in si mi prinesel svetlo modre kratke hlače,

and you brought me light blue shorts

ko sem jih videla, sem jokala,

when I saw them I started to cry

ker si nisem mislila,

because I’d never thought

da bi lahko jaz nosila kaj takega

I could be wearing something like this

na mojih debelih nogah,

on my fat thighs

ampak potem sem jih – veselo in dolgo,

but then I did, happily and long

dokler niso razpadle,

until they disintegrated

in parfum Hippie by Escada

and the perfume Hippie by Escada

(še zdaj ga imam, ker ga čuvam).

(I still have it because I’m saving it).

A to ni bilo nič,

But all that was nothing

samo, da si se vrnil,

as long as you were back

in smo bili spet vsi,

and we were complete again

in smo bili varni.           

and we were safe.

Vse življenje si bil moj Branco

All my life you’ve been my Branco

in mi pokazal,

and you’ve been showing me

kako se to dela,

how it’s done

zdaj pa je čas, da si zgradim svojega.

but now it’s time I build my own.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


And since you’ve just sent it to me, your Maribor:


    1. dear people, this comment above, made entirely from e’s, is Kara’s trademark and can be described with the verb ‘to ecatulate’… in my view it’s the closest one can get to putting pure joy onto the screen… i can only wish for more ecatulation on here


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